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Welcome   to Go Lite Lipo Lounge, LLC 


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Columbus , Ohio's Fastest Way To Burn Fat ! ​

Look younger, lose inches & feel  better.

Columbus, Ohio's fastest way to burn fat!

No Pain! Non-Invasive! 

Est. 2015 

Your Premier Provider  !



We look forward to helping you achieve the slimmed down, toned body that you deserve.




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Science-Based Expertise in Lite Frequency Therapy







    Lipo Contour Sculpting  Laser LED

Non-Invasive body contouring using one of the most effective methods of achieving fat loss in the area where you want it.   LED Liposuction is non-invasive diodes that causes the body's increase of ATP. Thus, causing the body to use stored fat for energy.  This method of fat reduction can be used in any desired area based on lymph system , including arms, waist, abs, flanks, love handles, hips, buttocks and legs. By using light energy we can cause the fat to be released through the body's lymph system naturally.  Applied 72 hours apart. 


 Circular Frequency Therapy 

 Cold technology also increases the body's metabolism, which in turn burn's fat throughout the whole body.  It also causes toxins stored in the abdomen to be released, and firms up the muscle.  Tightens skin in arms , legs, abs. Fat cells die at 32% below fahrenheit, while skin is resilient. Applied 7 to 10 days apart.


  Cavi Contour  Skin Toning

system increases the production of your own body's collagen to repair to tighten and firm  over all  skin tone. Exercise for the skin. 

We apply mono polor , postive negative to achieve lasting results, visible with in the first session.  Couplers & high vos, low vos, required

Areas treated , arms , back, bum, thighs, abs

Applied 7 to 14 days apart

Products required are not included in  Groupon


   Whole Body Vibration  /Therapy

Whole Body Vibration, (WBV) is a  platform  you stand on  As the machine vibrates, it transmits energy into your body, forcing your muscles to contract and relax dozens of times each second. WBV  has become the revolutionary method for weight loss...burning  massive amounts of calories in a very short period of time - up to 500 calories in  15 minutes!

Applied daily


    Far Infra Red Light Therapy

Relax your mind , body and soul with this  luxurious vitamin enriched ,essential oil , color spectrum blue light  ray facial bathing session.

Applied 1 week  apart. Treats acute and chronic pain with far infra red warm currents

Sessions are thirty minutes daily.


   Chin & Neck Session RF

Reverse the hands of time with deep heat restore, plump nasal labio folds, erase fine lines,lift eyebrows, tone and firm chin and neck

Applied 3 weeks apart.


   Vacupress Therapy

System separates fat from fluid and flushes toxins out from the large  and small intestine, increasing water retention and fat loss from the area treated. For abs & flanks,bum, thighs


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